Winners of the 1st International Mixed Ability Rugby Tournament 2015

Sunday’s Well Rebels (Ireland)

The first ever Mixed Ability Rugby World Tournament – MARWT was held in Yorkshire, between the 17th and 21st August 2015 and lined up more than 400 players from 10 different countries over five days of completely free and accessible events.

Coinciding with the Rugby World Cup, and with the spotlight on England as the host country, the MARWT was an unmissable opportunity to promote and expand the Mixed Ability model, showing to a wider audience that it is possible to break down barriers between able bodied and disabled players through integrated sport.

This event aligned with the aims of the RFU 2015 RWC Lead Up and Legacy activities through encouraging wider and long-lasting participation in rugby.

Mixed Ability Rugby has the potential to inspire a radical change in the way we consider sport participation and social inclusion, setting a proven model for many other disciplines to follow.

1st Mixed Ability Rugby World Tournament – MARWT 2015

Sunday’s Well Rebels (Ireland)

Winners of 2015 Spirit of Mixed Ability Rugby Trophy

Gaztedi Rugby Taldea (Basque Country – Spain)