Mixed Ability Week 20


What is MAW20?

MAW 20 is a prestigious and influential event for Mixed Ability clubs and their networks being hosted in Cork in June 2020. Central to this is a 4-day rugby tournament supported by educational conferences and workshops underpinned by bonds of friendship, as well as gathering together all the relevant stakeholders who work in their local communities for the expansion of inclusive sport’s provision.

This week-long event will inform and develop a Transferability Toolkit which will enable community clubs such as Sunday’s Well RFC to organise events at every level, to raise awareness about Mixed Ability sports and the opportunity for physical wellbeing and the social capital it provides, creating capacity to meet people’s needs in a much more effective and successful way.


What is the objective of MAW20?

MAW20 looks at the model of social inclusion, sportsmanship and how sports and being part of a community can truly change lives, as well as how it can be transposed into other sports and businesses, redefining what real social inclusion means.

Host to an International rugby tournament (IMART 2020), an international conference, a series of educational workshops for coaches, clubs and volunteers, multi-sport Mixed Ability taster sessions, workshops as well as social events for participants and the wider community.

To raise awareness of and introduce new participants to the Mixed Ability model, increasing participation in sport through the promotion of new inclusive opportunities as well as challenging perceptions around diversity and inclusion.

To inform relevant EU policies in the field of sport and inclusion through new evidence-based research carried out during the length of the project through qualitative data.

To promote broad social change around inclusion by shifting perceptions, attitudes and behaviours towards diversity in rugby and beyond.

To develop a Transferability Toolkit for other clubs to use, enabling them to embed the Mixed Ability model at a grassroots level.

MAW 20 Itinerary

IMART 2020 Tournament

This consists of a 4 Day Rugby Tournament which is taking place at Irish Independent Park (IIP), Cork on Monday 8th, Tuesday 9th, Thursday 10th and Friday 11th June 2020. There will be 24 Men’s teams participating and for the first time ever 4 Women’s teams! With over 1,000 players from over 14 countries taking part, IMART2020 is a true international event.



Wednesday 10th of June will see UCC welcome over 100 delegates and speakers attend a one-day international conference in the stunning Devere Hall, entitled ‘The Future of Mixed Ability’. The conference will bring together academics, practitioners, policy makers, sports participants and National Governing Bodies, to interact alongside representatives from the disability, advocacy, healthcare, civil society and private sector.

It represents an unmissable opportunity to introduce and discuss the relevance of Mixed Ability for sport and other sectors in light of the latest research, share good practice, as well as enabling an effective dialogue between different areas of society which share the same commitment to achieving full social inclusion.

To register for this free conference or to find out more check out (insert Eventbrite link)

Exhibition Sports

There will be a series of exhibition sports event taking place during MAW20. These will include Rowing, Boxing, Kinball and a 5K Race. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals to get involved in other mixed ability sports.

Details of dates, times, location and booking system will be updated when confirmed.


IMART 2020 are more than aware that the third half of any tournament is just as important as the first two.  The Irish know how to put on a party and we can guarantee “Ceol agus Craic” for everyone travelling to Cork. Once the matches have been played and rivalries put to one side the Entertainment Tent will be the place to be. There will be five nights of free entertainment to enjoy at Irish Independent Park. Preliminary schedule as follows:

  • Sunday 8th June – Opening Ceremony
  • Monday 9th June – DJ and band
  • Tuesday 10th June- Selection of DJs and Themed Party Night (Theme TBC)
  • Thursday 11th June – Trad Band and Ceili Disco
  • Friday 12th June – Closing Ceremony

Free Educational Workshops

IMAS will be hosting free interactive educational workshops and TedTalk style educational sessions throughout the week at IIP.

Full details will be updated on this site once available.

Tournament Photo Exhibition

During Mixed Ability Week, John Ashton will be capturing imagery which will then be compiled into a photo exhibition that will tour across Europe during 2020 and 2021. This Exhibition will showcase the best of Mixed Ability Week 20 across Europe, spreading the powerful message of mixed ability and true inclusion.